In the Media: Taiwan

Taipei European School: “On Exhibiting with Society of Wilderness”

Society of Wilderness, Taiwan: “On World Ocean Day Exhibition 2013″

Society of Wilderness, Taiwan: “La Benida Hui; Sailing from Bermuda to Iceland”


In the Media: New York

“Fish Tales; Exhibition’s Central Piece,” New York

“Fish Tales; words from the CEO of ArtsWestchester, New York”

“Fish Tales Spoken by Artists in White Plains, New York”


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iPhone story 小琉球。

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We need to create a happier ending for everyone…我們需要改變我門現在的未來放下如果我門要健康和快樂,給自己和下一代。

Greenpeace USA
A sperm whale was found washed ashore dead after swallowing 64 pounds of plastic debris. 😭 Remember, when you throw single-use plastic "away" – this is what happens. Join us in demanding corporations #BreakFreeFromPlastic to stop this madness! >>> EDIT: This article used an art installation for its title image. The photograph of the real whale is in the article. We hope this helps to clarify any confusion.

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Laugh and Learn from these wild pups:) We could all use a little bit of this Mongoose bravery…笑和學。這個小獴的超能力:勇力

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Over there they have cleaner air, cleaner land and cleaner water. Setting some good examples for all of us to follow. 瑞典做環保的方式,零點零垃圾的計畫。

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This is one wild adventure you will want to tag along on, maybe at a distance…

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