In the Media: Taiwan

Taipei European School: “On Exhibiting with Society of Wilderness”

Society of Wilderness, Taiwan: “On World Ocean Day Exhibition 2013″

Society of Wilderness, Taiwan: “La Benida Hui; Sailing from Bermuda to Iceland”


In the Media: New York

“Fish Tales; Exhibition’s Central Piece,” New York

“Fish Tales; words from the CEO of ArtsWestchester, New York”

“Fish Tales Spoken by Artists in White Plains, New York”


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RARE discoveries this year include the Mecistops (an African crocodile, a leopard eel and a bright new coral. Check it out. 今年發現的新動物。

World Economic Forum
Meet Genie's Dogfish.

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How an artist made a RARE statement about the frightening reality of our future.

Olafur Eliasson Hauls 30 Icebergs to London, Inviting the Public to Contemplate the Devastating Effects of Climate Change | artnet News Olafur Eliasson has brought 30 icebergs to London to raise consciousness of the urgent need to act against climate change.

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They don’t just clown around. Here’s how Clownfish work together to procreate.

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Love this artistic/scientific animation on Killer Whales. 經鯊魚婆婆在家庭裡很重要。Watch, learn and pass it on;)

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Micro-organisms at the core. 花了十年研究地球很深的微生物。

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