In the Media: Taiwan

Taipei European School: “On Exhibiting with Society of Wilderness”

Society of Wilderness, Taiwan: “On World Ocean Day Exhibition 2013″

Society of Wilderness, Taiwan: “La Benida Hui; Sailing from Bermuda to Iceland”


In the Media: New York

“Fish Tales; Exhibition’s Central Piece,” New York

“Fish Tales; words from the CEO of ArtsWestchester, New York”

“Fish Tales Spoken by Artists in White Plains, New York”


Facebook Updates:

The big buzzzz!? 最大的蜜蜂。

World's biggest bee found alive A giant bee, thought lost to science decades ago, has been re-discovered on an Indonesian island.

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Making some noise for Morris with the penguins! 加油!加油!

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鯊魚DNA可以幫助癌症。”Now we find that nature has developed clever strategies to maintain the stability of genomes in these large-bodied,..

Shark DNA mapping could help cure cancer A new study maps the DNA of sharks and experts believe their genes could help cure human diseases.

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Learn more about these apex predators and you will have admiration and respect to why they are Oh SO cool! 鯊魚的酷!

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We like how this otter moves & thinks. 夏天快來了!我要好好的準備我比基尼身材。

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