In the Media: Taiwan

Taipei European School: “On Exhibiting with Society of Wilderness”

Society of Wilderness, Taiwan: “On World Ocean Day Exhibition 2013″

Society of Wilderness, Taiwan: “La Benida Hui; Sailing from Bermuda to Iceland”


In the Media: New York

“Fish Tales; Exhibition’s Central Piece,” New York

“Fish Tales; words from the CEO of ArtsWestchester, New York”

“Fish Tales Spoken by Artists in White Plains, New York”


Facebook Updates:

Through these incredible photographs, the contest showcases the diverse, wild, beautiful, and ultimately fragile world we live in.

These are the best wildlife photographs in the world right now The Natural History Museum announces its finalists for the Wildlife Photographer of the Year.

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Early Pangolin Love! If only more people would be as enamored by four legged species this endangered world would be in a better place.

Mr. Eco
An excellent reminder that you're never too young to help protect wildlife!

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Let’s clean up our mess before all the coral animals are gone!? 以前的珊瑚礁那麼多!幫忙救救他。

240-year-old nautical maps show coral loss is much worse than we knew Half of the coral reefs recorded in the 1770s have disappeared.

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吃醉。。。RARE lemur habit.

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Spinning silk from the ocean a RARE gift and a RARE talent! 海洋絲綢

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