In the Media: Taiwan

Taipei European School: “On Exhibiting with Society of Wilderness”

Society of Wilderness, Taiwan: “On World Ocean Day Exhibition 2013″

Society of Wilderness, Taiwan: “La Benida Hui; Sailing from Bermuda to Iceland”


In the Media: New York

“Fish Tales; Exhibition’s Central Piece,” New York

“Fish Tales; words from the CEO of ArtsWestchester, New York”

“Fish Tales Spoken by Artists in White Plains, New York”


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今天的開會。Today’s meetings in Tainan to discuss our 2019 projects. The painted train that got us there. At the coffee shop was an Obama..

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Our iPhone story. 藝術的力量: 一位搬到小琉球不久的居民說:激起他想維護環境的意識,其中一個就是看見R.A.R.E畫的壁畫。Support..

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小琉球生態藝術島之拋磚引玉 這些天都在小琉球努力朝著夢想前進。 將小琉球藝術化,廢棄物再利用(漂流木、棧板、鋁罐、裝潢廢材、海灘玻璃),順便帶出綠色標語。Day..

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This week’s creativity on Xiao Lou Qiu, inspired by nature and going “au naturale” with beautiful found objects. 在小琉球,這個禮拜的靈感。More..

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