R.A.R.E. is made up of a freelance group of talented artists, caring educators, and knowledgeable scientists. This unique mix of people is the foundation that enables our continual process of growth, allowing us to spread the stories of awareness and teachings of nature.

Founder: La Benida Hui

Driven to New York by her passion for art, La Benida Hui studied at both The Parsons School of Design and Dalvero Academy. Her founding of Rare Animals Really Endangered (R.A.R.E.) serves as a means to combine her love of children and her ambition to impact environmental restoration. As R.A.R.E.’s Chief Illustrator, she embarks on a journey with pen and ink to express a message of green awareness and animal protection.

Education Specialist/Advisor: Adelheid Rego

Teaching has been a natural calling to Adelheid. She has been a Public School educator for over 12 years in Massachusetts and currently works with Special Needs students. Adelheid enjoys spending time with family and creatively formulating ideas to challenge her students in nature lessons and green solutions.


Liina Klauss

William Martin

William Martin is an artist, designer, and creative technologist. He is a resident of New Jersey, a graduate of Pratt Institute, and long time student of the late David J. Passalacqua. He is currently studying at the Dalvero Academy.

Celeste Lai

Celeste Lai is a Taiwanese American independent animator/illustrator based in New York. She grew up in Taiwan and graduated from the School of Visual Arts in 2011 with a BFA in Animation. Celeste is now freelancing as an animator/designer, she is currently working at TED-Ed making web based educational content.

Elizabeth Colrick

Elizabeth Colrick is a photographer and web designer who studied at Parsons School of Design. She has done many projects involving ecology and is currently pursuing a masters degree in elementary education at New Jersey City University.


The Society of Wilderness (SOW)

The Society of Wilderness (SOW) is dedicated to protecting the natural and ecological environment in Taiwan through education, habitat preservation, and public participation.

Plastic Free Seas

5 Gyres

Taiwan Environmental Information Association

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